December 23, 2021 – Archieve Deadline

Hello Everyone!
I won’t take up too much of your time. Due to the inflation that we are all feeling, I am going to have to start archiving and removing galleries from my host site.
I would like to offer you all your child’s digital images for $50 per gallery from 2021. Most of these galleries contain 4-over 50 images of your child in color and black and white. This is your opportunity to have full printing rights of all the images for a HUGE discount. I will delete/archive galleries December 23rd, and they will no longer be available.
If you want to know how many images are in each gallery please let me know your interest and phone number and I’ll look it up for you. You are able to pay for each gallery via Venmo, Cashapp, or Paypal. Text me if you are interested in this opportunity. My number is 303-917-6030
Secondly, Fall Special for Christmas Family Photos in digital format so that you may print your Christmas cards wherever you wish. These mini sessions are available in 4 different packages. These are not sharable – meaning each FAMILY needs their own. You wouldn’t be able to invite your sister’s family for photos with your family, unless your sister also purchases a package as well. Same goes for seniors; 4 seniors want to get their pictures taken together, each senior needs their own package and then they are able to have their friends session. You can read about these at the link below.

Lastly, also due to the rising costs in doing business, I am highly considering dropping all prints and products and going to only digital files. Neither YOU nor I are taxed on digital file sales. Taxes are going up and up and I am trying to get a gauge for how parents would like this. Please fill out this form to let me know. A few things to keep in mind. Going to digital files would obviously result in an upfront increase in cost because you’d receive full print rights. Composite work is extremely time consuming and intensive editing. Currently, I am passing these labor costs into the banners and volume sales for each shoot.
Please fill out this quick survey to help me gauge my approach for 2022.

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